A powerful start to Wellness Wednesdays!

Making wellness more accessible.

A powerful start to Wellness Wednesdays!


wellness-in-maidenheadWow! What a fantastic night Saints Cafe Maidenhead with you all. Wasn’t Karen Jay Hewitt fantastic?

Thank you all so much for coming, it means so much to us that you made the effort to come and talk to us about confidence and wellness on a school night (even if it’s summer!) We hope to see you next week, and for anyone who didn’t make it last night, we hope to see you too!

Your feedback is important to us:

When you have a spare moment, please leave us a review to let us know how Wellness Wednesdays was for you.


Our next event is on 15th August and we will be exploring the body and mind relationship: 

What happens to the body and mind relationship when you have:

– an accident
– surgery
– experienced abuse
– had a relationship breakdown 
– a long term illness like cancer that you are living with or recovering from
– a life changing condition
– been made redundant at work
– found you job overwhelming
– insomnia
– anxiety
– burnt out ?

What is your body doing then? And what is it saying?

Your physical body has an inherent wisdom which holds the story of your life; from the moment you were born until this present moment.

Your body is also honest and truthful and it has it’s own language. Your body also works very hard to heal itself and bring everything into balance; your mind, your physical body and your essence. All 3 of these aspects of you are beautifully interwoven and represent all aspects of who you are.

Come along next week to understand your feelings and emotions by listening in to your body’s tensions, in order to release them so that your body and mind can move into a state which is more free from stress and anxiety. Which ultimately will bring you into better health.

wellness in maidenhead


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