5 Foods for Depression and Anxiety:

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5 Foods for Depression and Anxiety:

Foods-Depression -Anxiety1. Eggs – photogenic as well as good for the soul. Eggs are known to be precursors for the happy hormone, serotonin. Scientists have found that eating eggs can relax the brain and make you feel happy.

2. Fish – it’s no news that fish can help concentration (who remembers the rent’s stocking us up with omega 3 tablets during exam season?)



3. Walnuts – as well as being a good source of healthy fats, nuts do keep us fuller for

longer. That means, any pesky cravings can be left at bay!

4. Potato – you’ll have to read up on this one, but some whizz kid scientist has found that a baked potato before bed can be the perfect way to get some zzz’s!

5. Avocado – another one of our photogenic depression fighters, avocados help to combat inflammation and can calm the brain. Think of eating one as an avo-cuddle for the mind.

A new one to add to the list is honey! I always thought that sugar was really bad for the mind, however, honey is filled with tryptophan which can help induce sleep, and since depression and anxiety can keep us awake all night, I definitely think a spoon of honey is worth a go!
Foods-Depression -Anxiety

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