About Us

Making wellness more accessible.

Good Grief exists for those who are grieving a bereavement, as well as those who are struggling with their mental health from other grievances right now. Here at Good Grief we want to you to feel the best you can possibly feel, like you, we know how life has a tendency to take over. The day to day school runs, work, family, and everything else that is thrown into the mix. That’s why we’ve created The Good Grief Gang online community and our offline Wellness Wednesdays workshops, to help you to find the wellness options that are right for YOU rather than being squeezed in a ‘one-size fits all’ model.

We deliver this in six formats: 

  1. Online grief support membership platform called The Good Grief Gang
  2. Online or in-person coaching and counselling
  3. Wellness Wednesdays™ workshops that connect you directly to your local experts
  4. Wellbeing programmes to help your workplace, school or family, o
  5. Marketing consultancy, helping you to communicate your wellbeing services effectively to those who need you.
  6. Free downloadable resources
What is The Good Grief Gang?
The Good Grief Gang is an online membership platform dedicated to supporting and championing those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, job, purpose, a divorce, or anything else.
Every working one deserves support which is why The Good Grief Gang exists, the supportive family you never really asked to be a part of, but who are there for you anyway.

One of the most important parts of any grief journey is the people who support you along the way. It can be really useful to meet other amazing people who are also suffering from grief or who specialise in grief to advise and care for eachother.
If you feel like you could benefit from having a group of incredible people around you alongside support, mentoring, therapy and online resources and worksheets to help you learn then head over to the website to find out what types of membership we offer.
Wellness Wednesdays™ Workshops:
We also run Wellness Wednesdays workshops hosted by @WellnessWithKayleigh and joined by different guest speakers, we help you to look after yourself better so with us, you will learn tools and techniques to:
  • conquer negative mind talk
  • set clear goals
  • eat well and feel fabulous
  • calm your body and mind
  • live mindfully
  • understand the science behind your mindset and know how to look after it
  • take action and avoid procrastination
  • make exercise a friend for the mind, not an enemy of the body
BONUS we also run two online workshops in The Good Grief Gang with industry experts on different areas of grief each month to share different wellbeing support options with you.
We can’t wait to meet all of you.

Good Grief was launch in 2018 by Kayleigh, with one mission, to make wellbeing options more accessible.