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Radiators and Drains.

So many of us leave ourselves behind in an effort to please other people. I can relate to this, and at points have truly lost myself in a haze of giving and trying for those who don’t appreciate me. And a lot of this has been because of my lack of self-appreciation.  In my life…
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Free Printable: Not To-Do List

Feeling overwhelmed? Suffering with anxiety and stress? Feeling like there’s so much to do, but SO little time? Try a ‘Not To-Do List’.

She is.

She was strong. She was stubborn. She was silly. She was proud. She was tidy. She was loud. She was tearful. She was fearful. She was loving. She was warm. She was giving. She was sweet. She is.   Just because someone is gone, it doesn’t mean that everything they once were is gone too.…
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I started to reflect on how grief was discussed in my house, guess what, it was never discussed in my house.

We spoke to Dr Chenee Gilbert about her experience with death and what she is doing to educate, equip and empower our youth. I lost my mother when I was in college, I was 19. My mum was only 44 and she died of cancer. She went through chemo and the cancer went away but…
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5 Things That Can Really Help When You Are Grieving

5 Things That Can Really Help You While You’re Grieving There’s no right way, but these suggestions may help you find your way.

Movement for my mental health

My grief journey has been massively helped by a big emphasis on movement.  Some of you know that my dad died in a gym 11 years ago. At first, this made me afraid of exercise, unsure and untrustworthy of any ‘healthy’ recommendations those around me would make. I had never been the most confident in…
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Is your ‘healthy’ diet making you stressed?

My macros keep tellin’ me no, but my body, my body’s tellin’ me yes⠀ Baby, I don’t wanna hurt nobody⠀ But there is something that I must confess⠀ I don’t see nothing wrong with a little cheese & wine…⠀ ⠀ Oh my oh my! I’m counting down the days to the weekendto have this beautiful…
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Your body holds your story

Stressed? Well, have you looked at your body? Your body holds your story. Speaker: Amber Kelly is a Craniosacral Therapist and Bach Flower remedy practitioner and practises in Bourne End, Bucks. As a Craniosacral Therapist she helps people unravel their story in a gentle way by listening into their nervous system which governs your physical and mental state.…
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A powerful start to Wellness Wednesdays!

Wow! What a fantastic night Saints Cafe Maidenhead with you all. Wasn’t Karen Jay Hewitt fantastic? Thank you all so much for coming, it means so much to us that you made the effort to come and talk to us about confidence and wellness on a school night (even if it’s summer!) We hope to see you next week,…
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Wellness Wednesdays presents CONFIDENCE

Wellness in Maidenhead has arrived with Confidence! Today we are launching Wellness Wednesdays at Saints Cafe in Maidenhead and we are so excited! Tonight’s Wellness in Maidenhead event is all about making confidence your friend and watching your mojo grow!  Are you wanting to make a change in your life but lacking the confidence to go…
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