wellness in maidenhead

Wellness Wednesdays in Maidenhead!

Wellness in Maidenhead Every week we will be bringing expert-uplifting discussions to the people of Maidenhead. We all experience midweek madness, so our mission is to simply help you, to break up yourweek and energise your mindset and to prepare you to achieve your aims. Each wellness workshop will be Read more…


6 Cures for Compartmentalisation

We interviewed Jasmira Bhabra, about what happened after her dad  went through difficult illnesses that led to life-changing operations and outcome for him, that affected the whole family in 2011. She decided to put her life on pause after her final exams and took sole responsibility for taking care and Read more…

Not everything needs a silver lining.

No silver linings here.

Not everything needs a silver lining. It’s ok to feel sad, bitter, frustrated and angry, petty and negative when grieving. In fact, grief isn’t something you can ‘comfort’ and cheer up with a bow. With grief, there just isn’t a silver lining, and that’s ok.  When you lose someone you feel lonely Read more…

Good Grief Blog

You are not your illness.

You are good enough. It’s easy to get knocked down, it’s easy to feel rejected, and it’s even easier to feel alone. In times like these, do not lose faith in who you are. You have a name, a history, a personality, that is beautiful and unique, and if you Read more…

good grief lean


Here’s a delicious plate of seafood to get your attention, now he’s something different for you to dig your teeth into. I’m currently reading the book #LeanIn by @sherylsandberg and I can honestly say that the things I’ve been putting in my mind lately, have been much more influential than the things I’ve been Read more…