Corporate Wellness Workshops

Making wellness more accessible.

What are Corporate Wellness Workshops?

Good Grief is the UK’s only community of experts that are accessible right here, right now. We are here to share our knowledge and passion for wellbeing and mental health with you, online, at our place or at yours. 

Our corporate wellness workshops have been developed to support and encourage a holistic approach to your employee wellbeing.

Unlike traditional corporate wellness workshops, our Corporate Wellness Workshops go the extra mile to ensure that we:

  • inspire healthy habits amongst employees
  • increase productivity
  • optimise HR and operational investment
  • Strengthen employee engagement
Online Grief Support - Good Grief
Online Grief Support - Good Grief

Why are corporate wellness workshops important?

The number 1 reason why people have time off of work in the UK is due to stress. Studies show that “Mental health issues including stress, depression, anxiety and more serious conditions such as manic depression and schizophrenia resulted in 15.8m days being lost or 11.5%.”

Mental health issues are preventable and by implementing a holistic approach to your corporate wellness workshops, you can help people to progress with these issues and to avoid days off work from complete burnout, by providing them with a toolbox or the mental and physical wellness.

Corporate Wellness Workshops can help your employees to create:

  • healthy habits
  • stick to wellness goals
  • find more fulfilment from their work and life
  • better relationships with their colleagues
  • presenteeism

Book a corporate wellness workshop:

Our Corporate Wellness Workshops that we provide is tailored to your companies need so that each individual feels supported. This is an important part of corporate wellness, and too often we see programmes that are ‘one size fits all’. This is because corporate wellness is not about finding ways for your team to be free from illness, instead, it is about dynamic development and growth.

Contact us today to develop corporate wellness workshops that will boost your team’s productivity and aid them in a happier and healthier work-life experience.

Online Grief Support - Good Grief
Online Grief Support - Good Grief

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