Heart Opening Yoga

Heart Opening Yoga



  • Wednesday, 13 May 2020

  • 7pm

About this workshop:

Danielle will guide you through a 60min heart-opening yoga for grief class. Focusing on love & healing for people that are grieving. Experience a safe space where you can just be while deeply relaxing. Creating more head space and calmness within.The session will be particularly useful if you find it difficult to be vulnerable with yourself and if you are feeling numbness or loss of self.

About your host:

Danielle Eggenberger is a Yoga Teacher and Health Coach from Switzerland.

“In 2015 – after countless visits to the doctor due to my unhealthy lifestyle – I knew that I had to change something. I tried numerous nutritional concepts and sports, hoped that somehow I would get the perfect guide. At some point, however, I noticed:

As long as I stiffen up on a concept, I remain dependent and do not listen to what is really good for me personally.

Through yoga, I first heard of the philosophy that your gut feeling and your assessment count first. That you can have the courage to listen to your intuition. Sometimes that means full throttle and strength training, and sometimes gentle yoga and rest. Yoga helps me to be closer to myself. So that I can better interpret my body’s signals.

My fascination with yoga has played an important role in my life for over two years. For me it’s not just about individual poses, but about getting to know your own self. I did my first and second Yoga Teacher Training (2018 & 2019) in India in traditional teaching. There I was allowed to deepen my practice and learn more about the yoga philosophy. In the meantime, I have also successfully completed my studies as a health manager.

My goal is to share the wonderful experiences that I associate with yoga with my classes.

The feeling of losing someone you love is the most painful feeling in the world. It shakes your world to the core & it rips out a piece of your heart. Some days are so dark that you think you might have died a little yourself because you are so numb and resigned.

It has been 10 years since my mother passed away, and no, time does not heal all wounds when it comes to death. There are still days when I feel like my world is falling apart just like the very day I’ve received the horrible news. But there are some things that help me to cope with the pain a bit better and accept, that it will always be a part of my life. Things that have helped me a lot were writing, talking to people and also doing yoga for grief. Things that just bring some peace to mind. Some calmness within. So when @goodgrief_uk contacted me to ask if I could give a “heart opening” yoga for grief class, I immediately said yes.

It should be ok to talk about death, pain, grief, loss, fear and sorrows. The more you go into denial, the more it will start eating you up from the inside. If you’ve experienced grief and you wish to feel some relieve and calmness, join me for a heart opening class this Wednesday 7pm (UK Time). Only with love we can fight our own darkness.”



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