Is your ‘healthy’ diet making you stressed?

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Is your ‘healthy’ diet making you stressed?

My macros keep tellin’ me no, but my body, my body’s tellin’ me yes⠀
Baby, I don’t wanna hurt nobody⠀
But there is something that I must confess⠀
I don’t see nothing wrong with a little cheese & wine…⠀

Oh my oh my! I’m counting down the days to the weekendto have this beautiful pancake again, & although it was totally paleo, & healthy, today, it just doesn’t fit my macros. Boo!⠀
BUT! I am here to sing to you & tell you all about balance. 

Life is here to be lived & therefore we must find the balance in our beings. But do you know why it’s important for your body & your mind?⠀

A balanced diet isn’t all about weightloss, it’s also about your ORGANS & tissues. Without good nutrition, your body is more prone to disease, infection, fatigue, & poor performance. So is it really the weather that’s giving you the snivels, or is it your diet?⠀

Lots of us eat healthy, but we still struggle with energy! Isn’t having energy the healthiest thing of all? Isn’t that about being alive? So is that healthy diet of yours really what your body needs?⠀
There are lots of studies about how we can find more energy, improve stress & look good by eating the right foods. But what is important here is to remember that each & every one of us has a different genetic, hormonal & metabolic makeup, so there’s not really a one size fits all approach to this, other than finding a balanced lifestyle & diet that works for you.⠀

One reason why you may have low energy despite your healthy plate is because of stress. When we are stressed our bodies release cortisol, which helps regulate your blood pressure. But if you experience⠀
ongoing stress or anxiety, you may not be able to produce enough cortisol, which means we can’t regulate our blood sugar and we feel EXHAUSTED!⠀

So if you’re eating ‘well’ but having:⠀

– nervousness⠀
– fatigue⠀
– digestive issues⠀
– body aches⠀
– lightheadedness⠀
– muscle weakness⠀

Then maybe it’s time to rethink that plate of yours to see how you can live well as well as eat well. ⠀

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