Kids Yoga

Making wellness more accessible.

Kids Yoga in Maidenhead

Good Grief offers a range of kids yoga in Maidenhead to help teach your little ones how to maintain life-long wellness habits. Yoga is a fun way to get children moving and grooving, and to let them explore mindfulness, relaxation, energy and creativity.

We believe that the way to teach children about wellbeing is through fun and play, so we teach yoga and mindfulness through storytelling, songs and games, so that children want to do it. Kids yoga helps to improve self-regulation, focus and empathy, making it fun AND supportive towards child development!

We offer

– private kids yoga in Maidenhead in your own home 

– kids yoga parties in Maidenhead

– school holidays kids yoga programmes in Maidenhead

– small group kids yoga in Maidenhead

– kids yoga for nurseries in Maidenhead

– kids yoga for schools in Maidenhead

– kids mindfulness in Maidenhead

– kids wellness festivals in Maidenhead