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good grief lean

L E A N Good Grief

good grief leanHere’s a delicious plate of seafood to get your attention, now he’s something different for you to dig your teeth into. I’m currently reading the book #LeanIn by @sherylsandberg and I can honestly say that the things I’ve been putting in my mind lately, have been much more influential than the things I’ve been putting into my body.

Now, I’m not saying that I no longer think food is important. But what I am saying is that you can eat as good as you possibly can, go to the gym daily, get your 8 hours sleep, but if you’re doing all of that without the right #mind fuel, then it’s not going to take you to your fullest potential.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt from Lean In so far, is that it’s our #internal obstacles that hold us back. People, but especially women, keep themselves from advancing because they don’t have the #selfconfidence and #drive that men often do. I quote “We lower our own #expectations of what we can achieve.” Now personal motivation is much more complex than simply eating well and exercising. It’s created by the parenting we receive, by our friends, our education, the opportunities we get, the media we digest, the connections we make, as well as the expectations and prejudices of those around us. With that in mind, whilst you may be looking for #lean recipes, I would urge you to #leanin to your own #mindset, and take this #BankHoliday to reassess what you could be doing for your internal #selfas well as your #physical self. I know what I’ll be doing, and it’s not reading Lean in 15... watch this space, the strong ones are coming.

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