Life Coaching

Making wellness more accessible.

Your Wellbeing Coach In Maidenhead

At Good Grief we have a number of certified Wellbeing Coaches ready to support you online, in our consultancy room, or in your own home. Wellbeing Coaching in Maidenhead uses transformative life coaching programming to help you to reach your goals, understand yourself better, and look at ways to improve all elements of wellness, including emotional, spiritual, career and physical wellness.

Do you want…

– More time

– More balance

– More love

– Enjoyment of what you are doing

– Less worry

– More money

Then it’s time to give wellbeing coaching  n Maidenhead a go.

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What is wellbeing coaching?

Unlike life coaching, Wellbeing Coaching is a human-centered approach to coaching. We look at your lifestyle in terms of what’s important to you, leaning on common problem-areas like diet, fitness, money, relationships and self-confidence. Our goal is to help you to get from where you are now to where you would like to be, by helping you to clarify your values and develop goals that are aligned with them.

Wellbeing coaching in Maidenhead helps you to reflect on what has been to more efficiently create what it is you want to become.

Ready to feel your best life?

With Good Grief Wellbeing Coaching, our aim is to help you find:

1. Increased Clarity and Focus.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming, and wellbeing coaching can be a great way to reassess what is important and where our energy needs to be used. With wellbeing coaching in Maidenhead, we can help you to find calm and clarity in this busy world.

2. Increased Accountability.

Often we don’t quite realise how we are holding ourselves back from our goals and dreams. And often we don’t share our most longed for dreams with others, because it means that we don’t have to be accountable for them if we don’t make them come true. With wellbeing coaching, discussing the detail behind what truly is important allows us to become more self-aware and more accountable for the things we truly want in life.

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