Not everything needs a silver lining.

Not everything needs a silver lining.

It’s ok to feel sad, bitter, frustrated and angry, petty and negative when grieving. In fact, grief isn’t something you can ‘comfort’ and cheer up with a bow. With grief, there just isn’t a silver lining, and that’s ok. 
When you lose someone you feel lonely and senseless and it can be hard to imagine life ahead. Instead of forcing yourself to get on with the norm, give yourself the time to breath, to grieve, and to be where you are today.
Not everything needs a silver lining.
If you are trying to help someone who is going through grief right now, please remember to support before you comfort. Supporting them just need to be about being there for them, don’t be tempted to prod them along with positives like ‘you’re strong’, ‘despite that…’, ‘at least that..’ because you’re actually doing your person a disservice. Allow them the time to be sad, let them feel the pain, and listen to them. There are no silver linings with death, just acceptance and progress. 

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