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While the temperature is a little warmer, take your #workout outside to challenge yourself and to take your fitness to the #nextlevel. Not only is it better for your mind, body and soul but nothing makes you feel better than flexing your muscles whilst taking in gallons of fresh #air.

Working out outdoors constantly challenges your body with inclines, declines, and obstacles.

Outdoor exercise provides a #mentalhealthboost beyond that of indoor #gyms. Moving #outdoors has been shown to reduce anger and depression and improve mood. Exposure to #sunlight enhances vitamin D production, which may be partially responsible for this mood-enhancing effect. You don’t have to run a #marathon or crush an outdoor #bootcampto reap the #benefit. Even low-intensity activities, like walking or gardening, will do. Next week, pop for a quick afternoon pick-me-up, head outside for a 15-minute #walkbreak, and return to work feeling energized.


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