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Are You Looking For A Personal Trainer In Maidenhead?

Good Grief Personal Training is available in Maidenhead, Berkshire and the surrounding areas. At Good Grief we provide a mindset-first personal trainer in Maidenhead helping you to transform your mind and your body. So whether you’re looking for weight loss, fat burning or muscle toning, our expert personal trainers in Maidenhead can help you to reach your goals and sustain long-lasting results. And we’ll help you feel GOOD about yourself.

At Good Grief in Maidenhead, we offer a wealth of experience in providing expert personal training plans for those who struggle to stick at it without some support. Regardless of your age, level of experience, ability or goals, Good Grief is your personal training partner in Maidenhead.

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Meet Your Coach.

Expert coaching from real people who thrive off of guiding you to life-changing, realistic and long-lasting goals for self-betterment. No nonsense, no product selling, just time giving, and no diet bullsh*t.​

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Set Your Goals

Together we will set goals that motivate and inspire you to be the best version of yourself everyday. Restrictive diets do not work, self-reflection, lifestyle change and going back to basic does. We believe in setting goals that enable self-efficacy and self-confidence for life.

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Tailor Your Package

We have a selection of structured services to support every level of ability and knowledge base which are totally customised to suit your goals.  Absolutely nothing is one-size fits all, and the magic that sets us apart from nearly all other coaches is our lack of affiliation to any dietary protocol, belief system, or wellness offering. Nor do we use our own wellness routine as a cookie-cutter template.

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Things our personal trainer in Maidenhead can help you with:

– Weight Loss

– Weight Gain

– Strength Building

– Muscle Gain

– Competition Preparation

– Body Confidence

– Mental Health

– Holistic Wellbeing Coaching

– A Combination Of The Above.

    1:1 Personal Training in Maidenhead

    During your initial Wellness Orientation with Good Grief, we like to get to know you as a whole individual to ensure that we can help you best, so we’ll go over: