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Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy In 2008 Jas separated, and in 2009 the relationship ended in divorce. At the same time, her father, who had succumbed to liver cirrhosis, passed away in 2008. Grief and depression made an entrance in her life, and as a single mother, she somehow picked herself up and moved out to begin…
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Hope and Confidence in Uncertain Times

HOPE AND CONFIDENCE IN UNCERTAIN TIMES: Lakshika Khuller Friday, 12 June 2020 7pm About this workshop: To reignite Hope and overcome Fear and Anxiety in unprecedented times.   About your host: Lakshika Khullar Mindset Coach | Speaker | Author   Co-Founder of WEandU pvt Ltd. A community for Female Entrepreneurs to help create more Influence, Impact and Income. Mindset…
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Mindfulness for Self Compassion

MINDFULNESS FOR SELF COMPASSION: Kayleigh O’Connor Tuesday, 12 May 2020 12:00 pm About this workshop: Fill you cup up with the power of mindfulness, to move from a state of insecurity and powerlessness to empowerment and action. Please note that this Mindfulness session was delivered to RAF Odiham for the station’s support of Mental Health…
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Life Audit

LIFE AUDIT SESSION. Monday, 1 June 2020 12:00 pm This Life Audit session will help you to realign with your values


Heart Opening Yoga

HEART-OPENING YOGA: WITH EXPLORING WITH DANIELLE  Wednesday, 13 May 2020 7pm About this workshop: Danielle will guide you through a 60min heart-opening yoga for grief class. Focusing on love & healing for people that are grieving. Experience a safe space where you can just be while deeply relaxing. Creating more head space and calmness within.The…
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Mindfulness and Self Compassion by Good Grief X Greg Scott

What’s our Mindfulness and Self Compassion workshop about? Mindfulness can improve your productivity and focus, increase self-awareness and help you change unhealthy habits. Attend our workshop and be inspired to live in the moment every day: Understand what mindfulness is and how you can benefit from it Learn practical ways and techniques to help you live more…
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Mind and Body Relationship by Good Grief X Amber Kelly

We will be exploring the BODY and MIND relationship: What happens to the body and mind relationship when you have: – insomnia – anxiety – an accident – surgery – experienced abuse – had a relationship breakdown – a long-term illness like cancer that you are living with or recovering from – a life changing…
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