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The first day back after a #holiday is never easy. But if you are not feeling as #relaxed and refreshed as you’d hoped after your break away? Take that back-from-#holsslump and make it the start of something #better…If you came home, feeling wonderfully #motivated, yet you’ve now realise that since coming #home you haven’t changed anything. Take this #opportunity to put life in sharp focus and use it as a wake-up #call for change. Your initial reaction might be to just push on through and get back to normal. But it’s a great #opportunity to recognise what you’re dissatisfied with so that you don’t just #live for the weekend or the next #break.

Here’s how to address life in-between…

1. First, make a list of things you don't want
2. ...And then make a list of things you do want
3. Plan things - but NOT your next holiday
4. Make a new-season resolution
5. Don't compare and despair

Here are five things to make you feel better straight away:

● Unpack immediately and put luggage away. There’s nothing worse than having cases hanging around reminding you of your #trip.

● Recreate your favourite meal from your holiday – rather than a bleak reminder, make it a new recipe in your repertoire.

● Buy a new houseplant to replace any that died while you were away. It doesn’t have to be expensive – something small and fast growing (like bamboo) can be more satisfying.

● If possible, give yourself some time off work after your holiday. It might seem like a good idea to get the maximum time away, but getting back at 1am before work at 9am will only leave you frazzled.

● De-clutter. You survived out of a suitcase for two weeks, so fill a bag with stuff you don’t need and take it to a charity shop.

Tips for the Holiday Blues Good Grief


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