Wellness Wednesdays in Maidenhead!

Making wellness more accessible.

Wellness Wednesdays in Maidenhead!

wellness in maidenhead

Wellness in Maidenhead

Every week we will be bringing expert-uplifting discussions to the people of Maidenhead.

We all experience midweek madness, so our mission is to simply help you, to break up yourweek and energise your mindset and to prepare you to achieve your aims.

Each wellness workshop will be delivered by a different motivational speaker who will inspire and educate you about the different ways you can add more wellness to your life right now.


Speakers include:

wellness in maidenhead

Evie Whitehead, Nutritional Therapist

wellness in maidenhead

David Williams, The Power of One










wellness in maidenhead

Minna Wood, Nutrition Practitioner 



Wellness is waiting for you.
Spaces are limited.

wellness in maidenhead

Katy Avramova, Olympic Swimmer

These wellness wizards will bring out your inner strengths by exploring the following themes:

– Mindfulness and Wellbeing
– Fitness and Nutrition
– Business and Life Coaching

As well as wisdom, these workshops will be full of fun, and include refreshments, activities and freebies to help you have a s’well Wednesday and a mighty week.

Join Wellness Wednesdays, and we can promise that these will be the happiest hump days you’ll ever have.

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