Wellness Wednesdays presents CONFIDENCE

Making wellness more accessible.

Wellness Wednesdays presents CONFIDENCE

Wellness in Maidenhead has arrived with Confidence!

Today we are launching Wellness Wednesdays at Saints Cafe in Maidenhead and we are so excited!

wellness-wednesdays-maidenheadTonight’s Wellness in Maidenhead event is all about making confidence your friend and watching your mojo grow! 
  • Are you wanting to make a change in your life but lacking the confidence to go for it?
  • Or are you in the middle of unexpected changes and struggling to cope with the uncertainty?
  • Perhaps you’ve just returned to work and fear you’ve lost your mojo?
  • Are you simply struggling to find Wellness in Maidenhead?

Whatever your emotional struggle, understanding the different types of Confidence and how you can work on them can really help and start to lift your spirits.

Confidence can be a vicious circle – when you don’t have it, it can be paralysing, but when you do, you take action, and it is this action that brings more confidence.

The sooner you understand confidence, and start working on it, the sooner you can get your mojo back! Let’s bring wellness to Maidenhead.

What are you waiting for?

wellness-wednesdays-maidenheadKaren J. Hewitt is the author of “Employee Confidence – the new rules of Engagement” and is passionate about helping others find the confidence they need to get the lives they want and deserve.  She has another book in progress to unveil the confidence strategies of successful women.

Come along for an entertaining and thought-provoking evening with Karen, where she will:

  • reveal her own personal struggles with Confidence
  • Present her model for making sure your Confidence glass is always full
  • Leave you with some short and long-term strategies, including “swimming up”, to get working on your own confidence right now.
  • Share wellness in Maidenhead with Confidence!

Karen has taken many big risks in her life and swimming up is one strategy she has used to manage the anxiety and overwhelm that comes with the fear of failure, ridicule and stepping into the unknown.

No swimsuits, goggles, armbands or rubber rings required.  Not even basic swimming skills.  Your imagination and a sense of humour is all you’ll need.

You only have one life.  What are you waiting for?  Could swimming up be the answer?

Arrive 6.45pm for a 7pm start.
Event ends 8.30pm.


Thank you so much to everyone who has bought their tickets, we are very close to a sell out which is incredible for our first event. 



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