Why it’s time to get off that sofa

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Why it’s time to get off that sofa

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Every month I will be interviewing people who have gone through bereavement, stress, anxiety, survival and trauma, to share their inspirational stories with you, here on Good Grief.

To begin, I have an interview that I did with the Happiness Planner. They did a series of personal stories from people from different parts of the world from all walks of life. In this video I speak about my dad’s sudden passing in a gym, and what I am doing to combat my fear of death by being an advocate for fitness.




Hi! I’m Kayleigh and I work for The Fitness Network, which is an online magazine and we interview leading professionals in the fitness industry. As well as that I am also a fitness instagrammer and blogger under the name of fitness_kaleopaleo.

When I was 15 my dad passed away. He died in a gym with a heart attack and it was a big shock for all of our family. It was a really really hard time. In fact it actually put most of my family off of any form of exercise, any fitness, because we were quite scared of even going to the gym.

When I went to university I was drinking a lot, doing really silly things, being a typical student, and doing things that I’d never really done before, to the point where I think I was putting myself at risk. And I wasn’t really being myself, it was in that time that I knew that I wasn’t really being true to who I am, and that actually I wasn’t really dealing with my bereavement.

It was in my second year of university that my friend Zara died in the street, she had a heart murmur and because of either foods or drinks she’d had, her heart just failed. And again, it was a complete shock to me and my friends, none of us knew what to do. 

For me that brought up a lot of the kinds of hurt that I was feeling when my dad passed away. I was going through a lot of different challenges and mental depression. I decided that I needed to do something about my health, I needed to take control of my own fitness and health. So I decided to get a gym membership and I kind of got really involved in that kind of community, and I got obsessed with being really strong and healthy. And I found that I was facing my fear of the gym. Instead of being scared about the potential of something bad happening, I knew that I was doing the best I possibly could to be a healthy version of me. I did two Tough Mudders, they’re 20K obstacle runs, and they were really really scary, but really really fun! And I’d do one again at any time! And then I actually got myself a job in the Fitness Industry.

And that’s kind of my aim now to show people that you don’t have to be scared of death, you don’t have to be scared of illness. You just have to do your best to be healthy and positive, and use that to fuel your physical and mental self, and be a happy you. So that would be my advice, don’t sit around on the sofa hoping that a solution will come your way. Go and find something that you love, and do it and be healthy.


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